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Home for the Holidays

From left to right: Angie (13), Adriana (20), Raul,
                                          Adelina, and Gemma (24)

The Cendejas family got their new home just in time for Christmas, but the gifts didn’t stop there. Adelina Cendejas answered the door early Christmas morning eight years ago to a young man. 

“I recognized him because I saw him all the time on the construction site,” Adelina Cendejas recalled. “He said, ‘I brought you a gift you’re never going to forget.’”
Adelina and Raul moved to the United States to give their daughters, Gemma, 24, Adriana, 20, and Angie, 13, a better life. A family of five, the Cendejas family have been living in a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment for 13 years. 
Their old apartment building had a lawn big enough to play in. But the landlord wouldn’t allow it. 
“He wouldn’t let us play with balls, scooters, roller blades. He would ban everything,” Adriana said. “If he caught you doing one of those things, aft…

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