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Building Community

Herman Indra of St. Timothy's parish helping  secure the roof of our four new homes.

The foundation may be laid and the walls may be raised but there is so much more work to be done.

On Saturday, February 8th, the Catholic Coalition helped secure the roofs of the next phase of our Fullerton Richman development. The walls are already put in place.

Lunch was generously provided by the Knights of Columbus from San Francisco Solano (St. John Paul II Council).

As we build these homes, let us not forget that we are not simply building houses: we are building community. Just as a home must have a strong foundation and walls in order to stand, the relationships in our lives must have a strong foundation as well.

Building community is all about having something that unifies us and brings us together. We all come together for the same cause of providing homes for hardworking Orange County families. That is what unifies us all.

The act of raising walls is a community activity. It takes seve…

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